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The author will sign and annotate your paperback copy of the book. It will be carefully packed and sent to you. Please remember to state how you want the book signed. 

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Praise For The Greatest Of Ease

What Readers Are Saying

  • Teri's smart, sexy, funny, and informative book has kept me company for the last several nights. In every sentence, I read her heart, intelligence, daring, and vulnerability. Please read The Greatest of Ease if you've ever dreamt about running away and joining the circus or want a little "lighter" take on life. Parts of the book are very serious and VERY sexy. I only give that warning if erotica is not your thing. But I am here for ALL of it. I often say that I know I love a book when I want to be friends with the author. In this case, I have the good fortune of being Teri's friend and one of her biggest fans.

  • Just finished your book. I couldn't put it down! What a fantastic, terrible and most of all real glimpse you've us into the mysterious world of the circus. Riveting and wondrous, heartbreaking but with a glimmer of hope. I loved it. 💜

  • I finished the novel in 2 days. Great read. Felt for you with all the shit you had to go through with that family and being a towner. Whoa on all the sex too.

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What The Experts Are Saying:

“With flawless attention to detail and exquisitely atmospheric prose, Teri Bayus lures us into the fascinating underbelly of a world we thought we knew. We relish in her wide-eyed love affair, not only with the circus, but with one dangerously high-flying man within it. I loved this book.” - Monica Piper, Emmy Award-winning writer.  


"Teri Bayus settles you into a tale of circus life with The Greatest of Ease, offering a fascinating window into something I'd never guess. She's a first-rate storyteller and an even better human." -Bryan Young

New York Times bestselling author


“This is (one of) the Greatest Book(s) on Earth! Teri Bayus writes a "fly" tale with the greatest of ease! And sass! And style! I loved it! More!” —Nancy Holder

New York Times bestselling author


“The Greatest of Ease takes you on a circus thrill ride.  You'll fly through the air, face down tigers, and spend unforgettable nights with exotic men and women. Like the circus itself, this book fills you with wonder and joy.” —Ross Brown Program Director, MFA in Writing & Contemporary Media Antioch University


"A wonderfully realized and masterfully executed tale of high flying literacy."—Gary Phillips author of One-Shot Harry


“This story is like a rock and roll roadshow except the party animals are… actual animals! All aboard for one wild-ass ride!”  —Mark Parsons author of The 9:09 Project and Road Rash


"Most writers wish they'd lived lives big enough to tell. Teri Bayus has lived many lives and then some, including running away to join the circus. I suggested she share this one. You're welcome."—Doug Richardson author of the Lucky Dey Thriller Series


"Hup! Ready to run away to the circus without leaving home? If so, this page-turning book is for you. You'll love this high-flying adventure story of a young woman who's got the grit to follow her dreams— no matter what. Read it and reap."—Sam Horn author of POP! and Someday Is Not A Day Of The Week


“A life lived outside the norm is a refreshing and delightful new memoir by Teri Bayus. When young, who of us didn't want to run away to the circus? Well, Bayus did and joined her new husband's trapeze act on the road during the 1980s, learning that happiness doesn't wrinkle.”

—Catherine Ann Jones Author of The Way of Story and Heal Your Self with Writing


“Ever the girl on the flying trapeze, Teri Bayus writes the way she has lived her life— without a net. This is a love story under the Big Top. “Having a fling” has been given new meaning in Teri Bayus’ circus.  Hold on.” —Peter Dunne author of Emotional Structure


“Teri Bayus’ novel, The Greatest of Ease, soars like the daring young trapeze artist immortalized in the wildly popular nineteenth-century song that inspired her book title. Her colorful and irreverent story about running away to join the circus is at alternately peripatetic, poetic, bitter, and surprising. This is a literary high wire act that reveals her life in the proverbial spotlight but also the shadows lurking behind the spectacle. By pulling back the tent flaps of the Big Top, she provides us with a peek into the mysteries of her world and shows how the circus is far more than entertainment; it is an exhilarating source of reassurance. Anything seems possible for the rest of us if performers like her can fly through the air or dance on the back of lumbering elephants. With her winged words and contrarian humor, Bayus reveals hard-won wisdom that is worth the price of admission to the greatest show on earth.” —Phil Cousineau

author of The Art of Pilgrimage and The Lost Notebooks of Sisyphus


“As promised, Teri Bayus delivers an impossible universe that defies gravity on every page. It is tempting to react to her stories with, ‘she's making that up!’ But her hilarity explodes too spontaneously, and her heartbreaks ring too true. She proves to us that circus wisdom does not come without experience. No wonder that the hair on parents' heads sticks straight up at the  idea of their child running off to join the circus.” —K.F. Makeyev, Ph.D.

author of In the Green Room

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